Monday 30 January 2012

Milanissimo, signed by Ibra

Benassi saves all, Inter are stopped

There is a Sneijder problem

Juve, Nainggolan close

Matri: Goal every two games

Lazio fourth

Genoa flurry

Fiorentina go

Wes, from duel with Messi to vice-Alvarez

Klose, why Germans never flop

Ibra and Klose: So strong!

Sneijder, it’s chaos

Tevez, Milan try again

Juve: Nainggolan or Pizarro assault

Genoa sign half of Immobile

Honda to Lazio: Deal lockout

Directors on strike in Florence

Napoli fall

Palermo fly with Budan

Roma stopped, clash and insults Totti-Raggi

Juve, more enjoyment

Milan, what a show. They chase with Ibra

Inter, what a fall

Sneijder anger against Ranieri

Genoa and Palacio stretch Napoli

Novara, Tesser now in the balance. Is there Papadopulo?

Pasquato: “Serie A and I’ll stay”