Monday 6 April 2020

Stars for sale

A transfer market like never before, expiring contracts and the free agents: the crisis creates golden opportunities

From Aubameyang to Aguero, from James to Vidal and the free agents, there are many ideas for our greats. And there’s a forbidden dream: Messi

Aguero from €50m to €35m

Aubameyang from €50 to €35m

Cavani for free

Dembele from €70m to €50m

Giroud for free

James from €40m to €25m

Modric from €30m to €20m

Rakitic from €30m to €20m

Vertonghen for free

Vidal from €30m to €20m

Juve: Pjanic, Bernardeschi, Douglas Costa, who will offer the most.

For Pogba, the Old Lady will sacrifice three

Clubs unite for salary cuts: 10 per cent of the total and then…

Gravina thinks about every possibility, Serie A could end also in October

Lautaro sees only Inter and helps Argentina

Altobelli: “Stay”

The pact of Pato

“Milan, start again from Maldini and Ibra. Maybe I’ll come back”

Two paths to the Scudetto

We reveal the options for possible resumption of Serie A and cup competitions

Parallel fixture lists with domestic tournaments alongside Europe or a block with the title assigned only after Champions League and Europa League: Finals 5-8 or 19-22 August

Chaos over wages, clashes in the top leagues

All of Europe arguing over salaries

Today meeting of Serie A clubs: agreement still a long way off with the AIC

In England, Liverpool cause controversy, Spain unconvinced by Casillas mediation

Tommasi replies: It’ll return to the way it was

Dunga: ‘This is how I help those in need and take on the crisis in Brazil’

The ex-Selecao CT between social justice and Viola memories

‘The symbiosis between Florence and the team is an added value’

Why the centre-south can start earlier

Number of new deaths drop (525) and ‘phase two’ gets closer

But the geography of the virus has so far drawn up two Italys

‘Tests for everyone’

Casasco, President of sports medics, points the way for a return

From Lega Serie A meeting to Spadafora-Gravina summit: crucial week to work out how the season concludes

Gravina, FIGC President, hypothesises the end of the campaign between September and October

After Haaland

Ferran Torres: Another Juve-Dortmund duel

Changes on the way

From Cerri to Pobega, the 10 faces for the new Toro


Viola in mourning, goodbye to historic Fiorentina writer