Tuesday 7 April 2020

Big cuts for the clubs!

“No salaries for two to four months”

AIC: “Embarrassing and unacceptable”

We’ll win the Italian way

Lippi: “Our nation is strong; do you remember the World Cup? If there’s a problem, it says: ‘Now, watch’. The next season can’t start if this one doesn’t end”

“The Azzurri will have a great Euro 2021. Zaniolo will be like my Totti”

Zlatan continues

Ibra doesn’t want to stop: Even if he leaves Milan, he could stay in Serie A.

From Kulusevski to Romero

Juventus wander around with the luggage in their hand

Falcao’s touch: “I have a dream: Neymar to Roma”

Look at Bayern: They already train

Launched the liquidated decree, chaos regarding the sports bonus

The government expands to those who exceed €10,000 gross a year, but the €50m fund is not enough

Guardiola’s mother died

Cuts and slaps

The clubs will deliberate a 17 per cent pay cut if the championship is finished and 33 per cent if it stops

Tommasi: an embarrassing and unacceptable proposal

Salaries, total clash between Lega and the Players’ Association

Bayern return to life, Inter recall their players

The German champions have returned to training on the pitch

The Nerazzurri have alerted their squad: in Milan within Easter.

Icardi and PSG continue together

In Argentina they talk about a breakdown due to Wanda, but the relationship between player and club is healthy

“Messi, it’s possible!”

Merotti: “I think the Argentine at Inter is not a forbidden project. He’s at the end of his contract and I think Zhang will try to bring him to Milan”

Galliani: “Let’s save football”

The CEO of Monza: “I case we stop; I would send the top four to the Champions League, Serie A with 22 teams and Serie B with 21 to 22”

Interview with Camolese: “I hope the conditions for playing return, it would be a summer full of good matches”

Interview with Cattelan, who will resume with his show on Sky tonight: “The virus, the anguish and Inter so far away”

Lega accept salary cuts, but the AIC doesn’t agree

The doctor of the twins: “Like that we will shout goal again!”

Longo is certain: “Toro, Belotti is the present and the future”