Thursday 21 May 2020

Mourinho confesses 10 years after the Treble

Inter special love

My secret. I decided to say goodbye

After Barca, I was sure to win the Champions League

Only Inter

“I’ll tell you why the enemies made so much noise”

Cairo enters the pitch

“I have doubts about the resumption. We can’t finish on August 20”

Like a World Cup!

Playing every three days. “Look out for the injury risks”

“Impossible to break down San Siro”

The opinion of the superintendence. But the plan is to keep only parts

Juve target Arthur and Barcelona pushes him. The Brazilian opens for move

The warning

Players’ Association attacks FIGC: they only protect clubs

It’s a clash over March and April wages

‘New rules allow clubs to register even if they haven’t paid all the salaries’

Gravina sets up a fund for the weaker groups

Inter play 11 against 11

And Cavani aims high

Pensions fund insists: ‘There are 20,000 more deaths’

COVID-19, according to the Inps, ‘the official statistics are not reliable’

Another 156 dead yesterday, but only 642 new cases

‘Zaniolo will become extraordinary’ – Mancini’s promise

The Italy coach: ‘He can play in two or three roles, but he must live like an athlete and continue growing’

Here are the Brazilians, Juve are complete with no positive cases

Douglas Costa, Danilo and Alex Sandro on the way: Sarri can begin his dress rehearsal

Higuain Higuaout

From today Juve are complete: all the tests are negative, quarantine over for Rabiot and Pipita, suspended between the present and the future

USA on the horizon as well as River Plate and the Premier League

Bundesliga: tonight the Berlin derby

Cairo is going against the grain

And Serie C plunges into chaos

Toro President is perplexed on the restart: ‘I see too many risks’

Lega Pro in revolt: potential for a strike

Medics: ‘Impossible to play’

Gravina letter, AIC furious: ‘Players could get one pay packet in five-and-a-half months’

San Siro insulted

‘Demolish it: this has no cultural value’

Goodbye fair soul, Toro mourn Eandi

May 22: the Champions League Day

Milan (63), Juve (96) and Inter (’10) triumphed on this date


Pirlo the artist: Genoa for him

Pardo’s shout: ‘Let’s restart!’

The mad genius Gascoigne

Premier League, deal for the Saudis