Tuesday 26 May 2020

In Germany the title race continues with Borussia-Bayern

Mancosu: “Lecce I’ll save you, with Farias and Babacar”

The road for the recovery: June 13, four games, June 20 all.

Today is the ultimatum deadline for TV

The proposition of the Lega. Protocol for the resumption is examined by CTS

Anxious Milan. The Swede injures himself in training

Ouch, ouch, Ibra

Calf Injury, risks losing rest of the season

The tests will determine if he has stretched, torn or ruptured the Achilles tendon

If Zlatan is unable to return to the pitch, a great chance presents itself for Leao

The problem? Uncertainty causes stress

Juve: The effect of the Allianz Stadium that brings in an average of 2.65 points per match

Inter: Lautaro ready for the long goodbye. Final flight with many doubts

Who are the players who will bring fresh energies after the break?

Looking for the golden reserve

From Caicedo to Eriksen, the big players on the bench could be decisive

Milan, anguish for Ibra. Is the season over?

The injury in training for Zlatan, strong pain in the calf after finishing

Today, the exams. They fear something serious

The clubs’ plan: Serie A from June 13 with the recovered games

Inter first

Tronchetti: Much stronger with Cavani-Werner

The League Council today: closing in on the go ahead for an opening round with the games not played on Week 25

Conte-Ranieri challenges each other immediately


“Finishing this campaign is forced, playing 12 games in the summer is putting the players at great risk”

The new rules after Covid

Deception of the direct goals

Sending the goals on free TV is the last gift of a Minister who damages sport even when he has the best intentions

Not allowed to protest with the referees

The players must remain one metre and a half away. No spitting and no hugging. How the match officials’ lives are improved


The Bundesliga is up for grabs

Cavani? Look at CR7

Tronchetti tries to say yes for the Matador at Inter: “The age doesn’t matter, and Ronaldo has demonstrated this. With Werner, he would create a great duo.”

Juve, message for Pogba

€12m, too much!

United open for the Bianconeri and fuel the hopes of the Frenchman

The knot is the wage: He will have to accept a drastic pay cut

Ibrahimovic KO, Milan are anxious

Toro: The cards for Joao Pedro

Do you remember Krasic & co?

Baggio, the enemy who saved Lippi

Zac and Bierhoff, the duo for the Scudetto

Roma, farewell Perfection

Rimini, ethics and football