Wednesday 3 June 2020

In 10 days, we resume by catching up with the Cup

Milan try, Inter believe

Pioli prepares for the (almost) impossible semi-final at the Stadium with Rebic

Conte will start again with Lukaku and Lautaro to turn it around at the San Paolo

Juventus return with Buffon in the starting line-up, then the renewal

Gattuso’s drama

The sister (36 years old) died of diabetes. The Napoli coach received the news on the pitch

Play-offs rejected

Setback for the FIGC. The algorithm remains (not for the Scudetto)

Tardelli: “Quarrels and footballers on their own. We need a system that protects everyone”

Taking a knee for Floyd

‘Reopen the stadiums’

Nanni, co-ordinator of Serie A medical staff

‘If people can go to the cinema, it’s right to return to games too. If the data continues to improve, we can loosen the quarantine rules’

Rino’s tragedy, his sister has died

Her name was Francesca, she was 37 years old and suffering from an incurable disease

Dybala, from divorce to renewal

Ibra, time for the tests: Pioli anxious

Football kneels down for Floyd

Lotito-Le Iene, accusations and spite

Mediaset programme brings up the Zarate case again

Lazio ready to stage a legal battle

All-clear to movement between regions, here are the restrictions that remain

There are nine regions without new positive tests, deaths drop to 55

Mattarella visits Codogno, the centre-right protest in Rome

Juve-Roma, Golden Men

The difficulty in negotiations to sell the club could push Pallotta into parting with star names, enough to spark one or more exchanges with the Bianconeri

Bernardeschi and Zaniolo the main candidates

Ciao Francesca, have courage, Rino

Gattuso’s sister has died at 37

All of football embraces the Napoli coach

Sport united for George Floyd

Juve, Toro, Inter, Roma, Milan, Messi, Woods, Mayweather, Chelsea: no more racism

Toro: Vojvoda with Chancellor

Granata objectives for the defence

Conte tortures his Inter

Between tough training sessions and grumbling