Wednesday 15 July 2020

Osimhen-Napoli is done

A finisher worth €60m

Milan and the 'Ibra factor'

This is how he improves his teammates

Appearances and goals (in Serie A) like Michel at Juve

'Le Roi' Dybala

Platini crowns him: "'Avvocato' Agnelli would've liked him"

Esteem and then battle

De Zerbi against Sarri

Sassuolo a must-win for the Scudetto


Six history

Dea are second, never this high

Now Gasp has eyes on the points record

Lotito fury, high tension at Lazio

Roma, Fonseca goes without wingers

Inter on display

Conte lets at least 11 leave

Skriniar at risk, Borja could stay

Atalanta tsunami, Lazio look for the counterforce

Altobelli exclusive: judgments of the world champion

Pricks of the 'Needle'

"Sarri, Scudetto not enough"

"Conte, too many complaints"

Tonight, Juve against Sassuolo

Tomorrow, Inter in Ferrara

Fonseca accelerates

Roma at stake


The 'yes' in Porto Cervo

Mou and Klopp

What an attack on Pep

PSG, did you watch the 6-2?

What an Atalanta!

Juve: Sassuolo trap!

Carnevali (carnival) tricks

Interview with the CEO of the Emilian club: "Caputo, Boga, Berardi and Locatelli won't be sold"

"I'd give Chiellini a three-year deal. I want to beat the Bianconeri to make my friend Marota happy"

Inter backstory

Eriksen? Conte never wanted him!

Toro future

Cairo confirms, Belotti stays