Monday 3 August 2020

Conte, enough now

Inter fury at the coach’s bitter blows

There’s the real risk of divorce: Plan B is Allegri

Is Antonio thinking of Juve?

Sarri, you need Joya!

Dybala practice run for the Champions League

He’s back to training, there is optimism

On Friday at the Stadium it’s the second leg of the Round of 16

Ronaldo relaunches by calling for a Scudetto hat-trick

Capello tactics: ‘Intelligence is the anti-Lyon weapon’

The European week according to Don Fabio: ‘Napoli, go out and play!’

Genoa remain in Serie A, Lecce relegated

Conte, a long goodbye

Antonio asks for more power within the club, but they’re back to talking about Allegri

Inter embarrassed after his outburst re-opens discussions about the future

First meeting between the coach and directors expected today

The final word will be with Zhang at the end of the season

Dybala, sprint for the Champions League

Juve struggling, Sarri needs the Joya against Garcia

‘Lyon are dangerous’

And CR7 ‘books’ his third Scudetto

Listen to Capello on Zaniolo: ‘Future as a Ballon d’Or’

Nicolò wants to be decisive against Sevilla too

And the ex-Roma coach crowns him: ‘Extraordinary’

Napoli anxiety for Insigne

Tests today ahead of Barca, but there is optimism

Genoa safe

Lecce crumble into Serie B

Liguria club flattens Verona and Parma put four past Liverani

Red hot benches!


In the balance if he goes out of the Champions League to Lyon


Juve fans dream of him, but he still has a year with Real


He split with Suning: divorce is possible


Inter’s idea to reboot, but watch out for Pochettino too


‘Gattuso Terrone’ and swift apology


Thanks Zaza! The 21st defeat is avoided

Lecce crumble: Genoa are safe

Team from Puglia into Serie B