Saturday 8 August 2020

Champions League: Juve win, but they’re out

Darkest night

Agnelli disappointed: ‘Now we have to evaluate’

Sarri at risk: shadow of Simone Inzaghi and Zidane

Lyon in front with a surreal penalty, which changes the inertia of the match

CR7 converts another non-existent penalty, then scores a fabulous goal, but it’s not enough

Sarri: ‘I want to respect my contract’

Napoli, believe!

Barca, so many problems

Gattuso has to try

Tonight clash at Camp Nou, Insigne will decide at the last minute

Lukaku and Lautaro with 49 goals the top-scoring pair in the Europa League

On Monday there’s Inter-Leverkusen

Cairo: ‘We’ll support Giampaolo in everything’

The coach: ‘Happy, Toro is a glorious club’

Now it’s finally official

Adieu, Maurizio

Garcia’s Lyon reach the quarter-finals despite the defeat (2-1) in Turin

Juve out of the Champions League: Ronaldo brace is not enough

Sarri: ‘I am devastated’

Coach: ‘We played a great game. The future? I will respect my contract’

Bonucci bitter: ‘The first leg proved decisive’

Pjanic: ‘You have to do more in Europe’

‘Napoli, it’s like climbing Everest’

Tonight the Azzurri in Barcelona after the 1-1 first leg result

Gattuso: ‘Insigne only if he’s at 100 per cent’

Roma, the Friedkin plan

Here are the first moves

From the stock exchange to trusted figures: this is how Dan rebuilds the club

Hunt for a director of sport, Fonseca stays, with Pedro the objective is Castrovilli

Brazil, football starts amid COVID and TV chaos

First round of the Brasilerao and transfer market open with a change of tv rights

Sarri out

Despite an extraordinary Ronaldo, Juve are out of the Champions League in the Round of 16 against Lyon

It’s a failure for Sarri, who was unable to give the team a convincing style of play

Dybala comes on and hurts himself again

Toro: Nkoulou could remain

Barca-Napoli, Ringhio believes


On the verge of saying yes to Milan