Monday 10 August 2020

Inter double up

Today the Europa League, then a transfer session for the Scudetto

Quarter-final against Leverkusen: golden opportunity for Conte

Meanwhile, Marotta starts a new siege on Juve and goes for Smalling

Pirlo changes Juve

Youth revolution: Matuidi (USA), Higuain and five others out

Tonali back on the scene

First summit: ‘I am ready’

Mancini all about Gasp

‘Atalanta can beat Neymar and go all the way’

Champions League: PSG on Wednesday

COVID alarm bells ring on the way to Lisbon

Atletico have two positive cases (and on Thursday there’s Leipzig)

Galliani exclusive, ex-Milan CEO: ‘He was already coaching when he was on the field’

‘Pirlo is the right man’

Manager: ‘Intelligent like Juve’s decision, he will do very well’

The new boss thanks the club: ‘I am ready, proud to receive so much faith’

Andrea, do you like Milik too?

The new Juve will resume from 4-3-3: Napoli’s Pole could replace Higuain upfront

But ADL wants 20m plus Bernardeschi or Romero

David Silva opens the door to a Champions League Lazio

Awaiting the signature, the transfer strategy takes shape: six or seven buys

Kumbulla is not yet lost

Smalling and Pedro hungry for Roma

Defender asks to stay with Fonseca

The forward is seeking a house in the Capital

Conte looks beyond Bayer: ‘Inter, let’s go all the way’

Europa League, one-off clash in Dusseldorf: semi-final up for grabs

There’s Lautaro with Lukaku, Eriksen out

‘Juve, give Pogba to Pirlo!’

Luca Toni speaks, the classmate of the new Bianconeri coach in the management classes

‘He is really eager to learn, will use a four-man defence and in his ideas there isn’t the counter-attack, but dominating the play’

An Inter night!

Conte fires up the troops

Lukaku leads the Nerazzurri in the hunt for the Europa League semi-final

The coach: ‘Watch out for their counter-attacks’


Final push for Rodriguez