Thursday 16 February 2012

Bellissimo Milan

Historic victory at San Siro against an English side: 4-0!

A furious draw for Juve

Stopped 0-0 by Parma. No overtake by the Bianconeri who moan about two non-given penalties

Conte: “Why don’t they whistle? They’re scared”

Ranieri looking for consistency, Julio Cesar fear

Lazio against Simeone

Udinese in plasters want to start again from PAOK

Gigantic Milan!

Four against Arsenal: Boateng, Robinho (2) and Ibra. Hands on the last eight

Conte: “They are scared of giving Juventus a penalty”

Simeone exam for Lazio in the Europa League

Lavezzi calls Diego: “Him at Napoli: Ideal”

From Lucas to Goetze, all of Inter’s kids

Conte accuses: “I have a horrible suspicion”

“The referees are scared to give us penalties.”

Two penalties denied – it finishes 0-0 at Parma

A rocking Milan

Lavezzi online: “Napoli, now I’ll hit the net…”

Inter, we’re here again: Champions ready to escape

Bianchi: “Toro deserve the top places in Serie A”