Wednesday 23 September 2020

Exam chaos

Suarez, I’ll give you Italian

Perugia police open an investigation: ‘Test was fixed’

Wiretap: ‘He earns 10m per season, he has to pass’

Five are under investigation (not from Juve) at the university

From Milenkovic to Kante: last dash deals

There’s Balo too

Milan offer 20m for the Serbian, but Commisso says no

Marotta tries a last-minute swoop for the Frenchman

Mario and Genoa: Preziosi gives it a go

Conte brace

Inter, Vidal already running

It’s done for Darmian

Mou calls Skriniar

Candreva-Samp, the club has to give the ok

Tottenham want the Slovakian

Ibra and that pact with the Devil

Zlatan always decisive: he remains the totem of Pioli’s team

Three goals in the first two games of the season: between diet, gym and secrets, we explain how the Swede can still stun at almost 39

Diawara gaffe

Roma lose 0-3

Friedkin, let the revolution begin

Default defeat to Verona

The false Italian

Suarez exam fixed: university chiefs investigated

Officials: It was a farcical test for citizenship

Soon more developments

Morata prepares to take on Dzeko

Vidal is already fired up: ‘Inter, we’ll win’

Roma back to zero

Friedkin, what rage

Diawara mess in Verona: 0-3 forfeit

There will be an appeal against the Disciplinary Commission’s decision

Secretary Longo resigns and will go to work for Juric

King Zlatan the magnificent anomaly

Almost 39 years old, Ibra continues to surprise

He had more freedom than masters in his career

Morata behind the scenes

Juve at all costs

Spaniard did everything to push through his Bianconeri return: first badgering Pirlo and Paratici with phone calls, then cutting the salary he had in Madrid

Fraud in his citizenship test?

Suarez exam sparks a firestorm

Giallorossi will appeal

Roma: 0-3 forfeit for the Diawara issue

Iago to Benevento

Toro: Joao Pedro

Finding a partner for Belotti

Brozovic-PSG, assist for Kante

Inter: the turning point

Milan, Nastasic idea

For the defence