Thursday 24 September 2020

Suarez investigation, Paratici appears

“The Juventus sporting director mentioned in the phone calls between University employers”

The Giant of Inter talks with an open heart

“Papa Conte”

“The coach really understands me, playing for him is like a dream”

“Vidal’s arrival is very important. We needed quality and experience.”

“After the loss in the Final, I didn’t speak for four days.”

Stadiums, from October the go ahead for 1,000 fans per sector

Ibra, make your mark

Pioli still leans on Zlatan and Calhanoglu

Against Bodø, Milan can extend their unbeaten run to 16 games

Duarte positive for COVID

Stadiums reopen 25 per cent of the capacity: The government prepares to give the green light

Napoli in for Vecino

Lazio target Draxler

Balo wants Genoa

Suarez case, now investigated for corruption

Charged to the investigative director of the FIGC prosecutor.

Juventus’ lawyer: “There was no negotiation.”

Roma, Allegri still the idea

Max available to evaluate the Friedkin project

Milan, European night

Pioli: “Amazed by Ibra”

“Juve have nothing to do with it”

The Suarez case, Juventus lawyer Maria Turco speaks

“I have never asked for special treatment”

FIGC investigation

Welcome home

The hug from Andrea Agnelli to Morata, who already dreams of scoring against Roma on Sunday

“It would be beautiful to score where I scored my last goal in the Bianconeri shirt”

Milan, Ibra against Bodø and COVID

Inter, Conte, you’re insatiable: Even Kantè!

Toro, Vera’s there is Torreira falls through