Wednesday 22 February 2012

Napoli sing with two tenors

Great comeback by the Azzurri after a goal from Mata. Cavani the Matador, Lavezzi with a splendid double

Inter: Sneijder-Milito

Ranieri risks it all

Mazzola speaks: “I remember the two goals in Marseille back in ’63. That determination is needed.”

Another problem for Ibra, he strikes a woman with his car

Q&A, this time Agnelli attacks Abete

Borini Azzurro, El Shaarawy in the Under-21s

Diamanti and Ramirez, Bologna go

Super Napoli!

Lavezzi, Cavani, Lavezzi: The San Paolo in ecstasy

Thiago Silva launches Milan: “We’re hungry”

Ranieri: Now the real Inter will come out

Bologna win derby against Viola

Agnelli: “Juve calm. And Milan?”

“There is nervousness, they talk about us instead of thinking about themselves”

“Abete on Conte, an ill-timed statement with no style”

Something great, Napoli show in the last 16 of the Champions League

Ranieri: “Go on Inter: I’m not at risk”

Cairo to Ventura: “Let’s renew”

Yes from the Coach: “So long as…”

Bologna show, Fiorentina tilt, cinematic goal from Ramirez