Saturday 26 September 2020

Inter and the Scudetto (but it can't be said)

Conte 2: payback

Tonight with Fiorentina begins the challenge with Juve

Hakimi and Kolarov thrown in right away, chance for Eriksen and Perisic

Vidal ready to play again

Kulusevski and the Lady

Fatal attraction like for Baggio and Sivori

Suarez, stop to the investigation

"Too many leaks"

Giampaolo-Gasp and the beautiful ideas of Toro and Atalanta

Less swabs in football

But brakes on stadiums

The anti-Pirlo come forward

The season ignites with debuts of Gasperini, Inzaghi and Conte, direct rivals for the new Bianconeri coach

After the 0-3 by default and the exam farce, Roma-Juve already has a winner

"Faith in Fonseca"

Fienga locks down the Portuguese coach and puts distance between Allegri and Paratici

Spanish protagonists on the eve of the big match

Pedro assures: "Minimum objective is fourth place"

Morata happy: "Chance of a lifetime"

Suarez saga

News leaks, investigation stops

Cantone: "Outraged"

Serie B has started

Monza disappoint, draw with SPAL

Eyes on Salerno

Morata: "I win trophies"

Suarez: everything stops!

The Spaniard: "Juve, team of my dreams. CR7 happy that I'm here. Pirlo super"

Cantone suspends the investigation into the Uruguayan's exam: sub judice violated

Toro, Gasp nightmare

At 14:00 BST against Atalanta, the 0-7 from January still burns

Giampaolo: "Still a long way from my football"

Inter, Scudetto, pact

At 19:45 against Fiorentina, the league debut

Marotta and Conte: "United in winning"

Milan set off

Colombo, Gabbia, Maldini: it's a baby boom!