Wednesday 30 September 2020

Serie A goes ahead

Football wants to continue to play but is afraid of discovering other positive tests


Conte’s quick changes: from Hakimi to the Chilean duo Vidal and Sanchez, pulls back Skriniar

About the battle against Pippo: “We’re football addicts”

Nainggolan on his way to Cagliari

On the catwalk: Lazio-Atalanta

They try again with Luis and Papu

Milan sign Hauge, Paqueta moves to Lyon

Now, they go for Tomiyasu or Nastasic

The paradox for Pirlo

No playmaker, two midfielders: Arthur-Bentancur

Paqueta, goodbye Milan

Hauge joins Pioli

The Brazilian sold to Lyon for €21m. The Norwegian youngster has arrived. Fofana slips away.

Deulofeu in Florence if Chiesa leaves

The Spaniard has been lined up to replace Federico, but it all depends on the offer from Agnelli

Juve-Napoli hanging by a thread

COVID, today the test results for the Napoli squad arrives: games at risk

Serie A recovers three games from Week 1

Conte and Pippo: “We’re addicted to football”

Lazio’s big test against Gasp

Friedkin rebuilds Roma

“They were happy, I killed them”

The 21-year-old killer of referee De Santis and his girlfriend lived in their house

Tycoon D’Angieri, ambassador of Belize, comes out in the open for Toro

“Cairo, here we are”

“I’m Juventino, but my nickname is Pupi in honour of the Granata grandfather”

“To build a great squad, you need a lot of money, I’m interested in the stadium business”

Benevento-Inter: Conte attacks, but watch out for Pippo

Lazio-Atalanta: Immobile-Zapata the Scudetto strikers

Juve and Chiesa to the bitter end

Possible agreement with Fiorentina, but a sale must be completed first

Between De Sciglio and Douglas Costa, who could be exchanged with Dembele of Barcelona

Napoli: ADL recovered

Covid: Today the decision for Genoa-Torino

Paqueta to Lyon

Milan: Hauge arrives and now Tomiyasu

Transfer market

Cavani to United, Suarez calls for Messi