Sunday 26 February 2012

Milan-Juve, a poisonous draw

Scudetto match ends in a brawl

Nocerino goal, Muntari’s 2-0 incredibly not awarded

After the break Matri incorrectly ruled offside, then the draw

Galliani-Conte row in the tunnel

Allegri: ‘The match was falsified’

Ranieri gambles with Inter at Napoli

The Coach is hanging by a thread, but says ‘everyone is behind me’

Lotito merry-go-round, Reja stays where he is

Palacio fights back to hold Parma 2-2

Balo goal, but no Nazionale

They falsified Milan-Juve!

So much for referees improving...

Muntari’s clear goal not spotted and Matri incorrectly ruled offside

Galliani argues and then leaves, final brawl on the pitch

Mexes set for video evidence as he punches Borriello

Lazio, it’s a farce and at the end Reja stays

Incredible day: Lotito meets Zola, then the Coach takes back his resignation

Napoli-Inter, goosebumps at the San Paolo

Balotelli-goal for Mancio and Raffaella

Juve are attacked

Galliani blasts Agnelli, Conte and the referee

On TV further accusations to the Coach, who recognises goal not given to Milan, but underlines the Bianconeri one denied too

‘Toro, it’s the test of our maturity’

Napoli-Inter, Ranieri trembles under the shadow of Guardiola

Genoa-Parma, Palacio brace saves Marino, but Floccari is crocked

Surreality show at Lazio, Zola waits and Reja stays