Wednesday 21 October 2020

Thank Heavens for Lukaku

Champions League: Romelu saves Inter

The hitman (two goals) is decisive

Nerazzurri go in front, then waste chances and risk defeat to Borussia Monchengladbach

He gets the equaliser late on (2-2)

Hakimi positive just hours before the game

The Euro Dea are back

Now there’s the Atalanta that makes us fall in love

Poker with Zapata, Papu, Muriel and Miranchuk

Milan in Scotland

Ibra recharges his batteries: his Europe started there

Europa League: There’s Celtic

Napoli take on AZ

Gattuso mission: ‘I want the Cup’

Roma, go Majoral

Dutch side have nine positive cases

Pele turns 80

Brazilian legend’s birthday is tomorrow

CR Style

Ronaldo shows off his Marine look

The challenge with Messi begins

Cristiano stuns again

Conte, there’s an ill wind blowing

Lukaku not enough, on Tuesday Inter cannot lose in Ukraine

Draw with Borussia (2-2), but Real’s shock defeat makes things complicated

Belgian is the protagonist: he puts the Nerazzurri in front, then seals the 2-2 at the 90th after German turnaround

Coach: ‘It’s a pity, we created so many chances’

Hakimi has COVID

Atalanta, what a show

Simeone concedes four from Bayern

Dea poker at Midtjylland: all the strikers are on target

City treble, but then beat Porto

Liverpool narrowly get the better of Ajax

Today the Europa League

Gattuso is wary: ‘Need a top Napoli against AZ’

Roma in Switzerland, Fonseca rotates

Milan, Ibra always leads the way with Celtic

Juve, Ronaldo running towards Barcelona

Awaiting the final swab

ASL stop: 10 positive cases, Palermo-Turris postponed

Serie C: infection spreads through the Rosanero

Local health officials: ‘Cluster of infections’

Fury from the visitors, who were already on the pitc

Inter, only Lukaku

Nerazzurri in front, then Borussia Monchengladbach overturn the result, but the Belgian scores again at the 90th: 2-2

Real, shocking defeat to Shakhtar in Madrid: 2-3!

Space age Atalanta!

Zapata, Gomez, Muriel, Miranchuk: 4-0

Barca, here we are!

Morata and Ronaldo run towards the big Champions League clash

The Spaniard is fired up after his brace in Kiev, CR7 changes his look and waits for the all-clear from UEFA

Europa League

Zlatan of Scotland, over to you!

Milan visit Celtic Park: it feels like the Champions League

COVID anxiety, but Napoli are hungry

AZ without nine positive cases, Roma rotate with Young Boys

Tomorrow Sassuolo-Toro

Djuricic: ‘De Zerbi is the top’

Exclusive with the Serbian: ‘Giampaolo kept me on the bench’

Giampaolo, faith in him will last for five games

Sassuolo, Lecce, Lazio, Genoa, Crotone: turning point or goodbye