Saturday 24 October 2020

King Romelu takes care of it

Lukaku again, and Inter reboot

Nerazzurri back to winning ways in Genoa

Eriksen goes off, Barella comes on and shakes things up: centre-forward on target, 2-0 with D’Ambrosio

Lautaro furious after substitution

Juve, no more stalling and Pirlo puts Morata-Dybala at the wheel

At the Stadium against Verona

Ranieri boom, what a flop for Gasp

Luis Alberto-Immobile: Lazio yes

Milan study their super sprint at the top

Ibra-Dzeko, a tall tale

Tomorrow there’s Roma, but Pioli is guaranteed first place

Ajax record: they win 13-0

Clasico to Real, Barca fury

On Lukaku’s shoulders

Conte wins in Genoa (2-0), Atalanta stall: Ranieri coup (1-3)

Romelu scores again and opens the door to Inter success. Lautaro anger

The coach praises the Belgian striker and is irritated at Eriksen questions: ‘Why do you keep systematically asking about him? If he deserves it, he plays’

Show of annoyance from the Argentine after his substitution

The Magician and Ciro relaunch Lazio

Indomitable Bologna beaten at the Olimpico (2-1)

Luis Alberto and Immobile on target in the second half

Chaotic finale after De Silvestri goal

Mihajlovic: ’18 attempts, we waste too much’

Morata rediscovers la Joya, what a pair for Pirlo

Juve, Dybala from the start against Verona

Inzaghi takes on Gattuso: the derby of friends-rivals

Ibra against Dzeko

A duel of giants for Milan and Roma

Gyms and swimming pools towards closure

Stadiums, no more 1,000

New Government decree on the way: even betting shops and arcades affected

Opposition from Regional assemblies

Return to la Joya

Verona at the Stadium tonight: Argentine alongside Morata, he’s a starter again after 91 days

Pirlo: ‘He can happily coexist with Alvaro’

Samp coup

Inter back on track

Ranieri beats Atalanta in Bergamo and Gasp admits: ‘It was my fault, I had too many experiments’

Conte restarts with victory at Marassi: Lukaku and D’Ambrosio beat Genoa

Luis Alberto and Immobile, go Lazio!

Napoli, great derby in Benevento


Cairo speaks: ‘I have faith in Giampaolo’


Real triumph, Barcelona, what a collapse!

New Government decree

Football without fans again