Wednesday 29 February 2012

New Inter

Moratti confirms Ranieri, but he has an idea in his head…

He dreams of Guardiola, the alternative is Blanc, a Villas-Boas path

Ibra on the attack: “Muntari’s disallowed goal? A tragedy for football”

Giovinco plus Matri, the tandem for Prandelli

Paloschi holds back France: 1-1

El Shaarawy OK

Juve mission to study Dede and Damiao

Guardiola-Higuain for the new Inter

Ibra on the attack

Matri takes Italy

England against Holland, the first without Capello

Spain versus Venezuela

Cavani: “At Napoli forever”

The Under-21s impress, draw in France

Casiraghi to Lazio: “Happy if Zola goes in Biancoceleste”

Ancelotti: “I’ll boss you Roma. Hope Lucho isn’t annoyed…”

Juve-Milan, fight on the market

Tevez, Dede, Armero and the battle doesn’t end

Ogbonna, Toro joy as Angelo is Azzurro

Raiola: “Prandelli should say if he doesn’t want Balotelli”

Padova blackout, scandal without end

Ibra shock

Moratti: “I don’t have the Wizard of Oz…”

Another blitz from City for Cavani