Tuesday 24 November 2020

The interview with the coach: Italiano’s lesson

“On the pitch they were all directors, and my Spezia went up”

Anti-virus jerseys

They are always worth a treasure trove of revenues

Milan are sweating over Ibra, the man who baffles football


The Diavolo of goals is out for at least 20 days

But at 39, he’s a bigger leader than Ronaldo and wants another miracle: return ahead of schedule

Juve: Dybala chases turning point and last eight against Ferencvaros

Lazio: Charged by Immobile against Zenit

Inter-Real: Conte clings to Lukaku-Lautaro, Benzema stays at home

Lady Hakimi: “Me Fellini and Ghali between Milan and Madrid”

Juve-Ferencvaros (20.00 UK time)

Pirlo, there’s room for CR7 and Dybala

The coach wants to close the group immediately

Demiral out, but Dybala’s there

The Argentine will most likely start

Lazio-Zenit (20.00 UK time)

Immobile challenges Messi

Ciro is one of the candidates, with Leo and Cristiano Ronaldo, to become the player of the year

Gattuso-Napoli, hard confrontation

Naples risk revolt one year after the mutiny

I’m leaving: discussions in the dressing room

The coach’s attack on the players who didn’t like the criticism for the defeat at home against the Rossoneri

Ibra, the hunt stops for Milan

Out for at least three weeks

Why believe in the Scudetto

Zlatan injured his hamstring

Pioli hopes to have him back against Parma

Dybala’s there!

Tonight, Juve-Ferencvaros (at 20.00 UK time), La Joya returns to play next to Cristiano Ronaldo

Pirlo, who loses Demiral, is more and more tempted by the trident

Lazio are on the pitch against Zenit too

The documentary

Torino and the 1977 of Piombo

The world’s best coaches of 2020: Gasp is among the five candidates

The story of Haaland

Auch, Ibra!

Muscle injury: Milan lose Zlatan for three weeks

Sassuolo, and for Squinzi…