Saturday 3 March 2012

Excuse me, we have to play

Peace between the clubs doesn’t really take hold

Agnelli: ‘Galliani apologised’

Rossoneri Vice-President: ‘Yes, but only on a personal level, my heart still bleeds’

Lippi close to China, but he denies Guangzhou deal

Sneijder, Inter are far away

Ranieri will drop him against Catania tomorrow night

Roma bring Lamela-Borini, Lazio anti taboo

Di Natale and Denis describe each other

Mancini stands by Prandelli: ‘Balotelli needs discipline’

Varese flatten Vicenza, today Pescara-Sassuolo

Milan-Juve, yet more poison

Allegri: ‘We have nothing to apologise for, they are the ones who built and then took down the theatrics’

Conte: ‘They attack us because they’re scared’

De Laurentiis: ‘The Napoli trident is worth more than €200m’

We reveal all the secrets of Roma-Lazio

‘Inter, we’ll sell you Gomez’

Tomorrow Catania visit San Siro and Lo Monaco advises Moratti to buy the Argentine

Bologna stops for Dalla’s funeral, so Novara game delayed

Some apology!

More controversy, but Juve and Milan back on the field today

After Agnelli reveals phone call with Galliani, Milanista admits ‘I did apologise’

But on Milan Channel he adds: ‘It was purely a personal apology. Juve created the tension’

Allegri: ‘What are we meant to apologise for?’

New sparks fly over Pirlo

Inter, increasing Sneijder tension

Napoli, De Laurentiis calls Maradona

Ventura: ‘Forza Toro, we have to break away’