Friday 27 November 2020

For always 10

The world weeps for Maradona

In Buenos Aires crowds and clashes for Diego’s farewell

Tears in Naples: team takes to the pitch with his jersey

They win in Europe and dedicate 2-0 against Rijeka to him

Velasco: ‘That hand took us back’

Thin-athletic, fat-ill, a body that was tormented

Ottavio Bianchi: ‘He was Mozart, but we should’ve said no to him more often’

Even without Ibra, it’s a decent Milan

Europa League: Castillejo scores, French fight back, but it’s a step forward compared to the last game

Golden draw in Lille (1-1) for qualification

Roma, 2-0 in Cluj and they’re already in the next round

Inter, Conte has lost his way

‘Might I not be here at Christmas? If I don’t deserve it…’

Need for a turning point and jokes

Our brilliant friend

Final salute from a million Argentines, the Pope, Naples, the whole world

From Casa Rosada to Piazza Plebiscito: ‘Diego will never die’

Clashes in Buenos Aires in front of the Presidential palace, Maradona’s funeral cortege is guarded

A rosary and a letter of condolences sent by Pope Francis to his family

Mancini: ‘When he gave me that last jersey’

And Napoli win wearing his 10

Rijeka beaten 2-0 at the San Paolo

Europa League

Milan draw, the overtake doesn’t happen

In front with Castillejo, Rossoneri caught by Bamba and Lille stay top of the group

Roma already qualified: 2-0 in Cluj

An own goal and a Veretout penalty: Fonseca celebrates early

First minutes for Dzeko

Stadio Maradona

Ciao, Diego

EuroNapoli flies

Milan 1-1, Roma yes!

Juve: De Ligt the future captain

Coppa: Toro smile and great Genoa derby