Saturday 5 December 2020

Bear traps

Derby with Toro for the Old Lady, Inter face Bologna test

The chase to catch up with Milan opens with two only apparently easy tests

Pirlo is dealing with the 201st Turin Derby

Nerazzurri up against Mihajlovic’s lads

Ronaldo is back hunting for records and Belotti dreaming of 100

Conte’s plan: attack Pioli from here to Christmas, but Sinisa knows how to beat him

Juve under investigation

Suarez test controversy: lawyers Chiappero and Turco involved

Paratici also investigated and Minister De Micheli appears

The club defends itself: ‘We behaved fairly’

Milan put their Jens on

Discovering Hauge, the Rossoneri in his destiny

Kjaer injury, out for two weeks

Suarez, Juve investigated

Perugia, University heads suspended, Minister De Micheli crops up

Paratici and Bianconeri lawyers advised they are under investigation for false testimony

The chief of Transport phoned prefect Frattasi to put him in contact with the director of sport

Then the intervention from the Umbrian college

Magistrates evaluating possible corruption

The club risks a fine and points penalty

‘Fabio a family friend since childhood, I only redirected him towards the Viminale’

Dybala and Belotti, the derby is fiery

Teammates at Palermo, now rivals

Pirlo: Difficult game, I am counting on Paulo

Conte-Mihajlovic, a game of nerve

The most electric coaches in Serie A face off

Antonio shakes up Inter: We rebooted by plugging our ears

Sinisa warns Bologna: If I find the leaker, I’ll pin him to the wall


Inzaghi: I want the Champions League spirit

Stadio Maradona, Napoli has chosen

Council says yes to renaming the San Paolo, just need an ok from the region

Name change also for the Cumana station

Appeal presented against 0-3 in Turin

Paperwork filed with the Collegio di Garanzia, decision arrives before Christmas

Azzurri turn to the CONI

More than a derby


Pirlo seeks confirmation after 3-0 against Dynamo and must climb back up the table: ‘Let nobody think about Barca’

Giampaolo sits on the bench that’s at risk: ‘I ask for heart, character and organisation’

Paratici investigated

What Juve risk

Suarez controversy: chiefs and two professors of the University of Perugia for Foreign Students are suspended, Bianconeri director under investigation: ‘False information to the authorities’

The club: ‘He acted fairly’


Giroud calls Conte!

The hitman: ‘I don’t play enough at Chelsea’

Spezia-Lazio opens the day

Nesbø: ‘Haaland? Like Ibra and CR7’