Wednesday 7 March 2012

Milan, damn scary!

Arsenal win 3-0, but the Rossoneri reach the quarter-finals

Juve at Bologna, Conte: “We can’t get depressed”

Moratti: “Half a disaster against Catania. Villas Boas? Just rumours”

Novara, what a u-turn

Mondonico sacked, it’s Tesser again

Now the Bari investigations include clubs, Lecce and Samp at risk

Milan, what fear!

Champions League risk in London, Arsenal score three in 45 minutes

Juve go for position, Conte wants the top of the table

Betting: The great intrigue

Spalletti eliminated, Barca tonight

Villas Boas in Milan, sometimes they return

Mondonico goes, Tesser returns to Novara

Serie B: Zeman flies, Pescara -1 from Toro

Milan, what fear!

Conte’s whistles

The tie against Bologna (18.30) is decisive to join Milan at the top

“Toro in A and party at the Fila”

Novara: Tesser returns

Pescara fly in the rain: -1

Samp, comeback continues