Sunday 17 January 2021

Inter-Juve for Superheroes

San Siro: Lukaku against Ronaldo like a duel between the Incredible Hulk and Superman

Scudetto film screened for 200 countries and 650 million spectators

Conte: They buy, we get closer with work. I want to feel the blood pumping’

Pirlo: ‘Zero pressure, it’s because of Antonio that I am a coach’


Calha alarm, he has his swab, but doubts remain

Today summit for Mandzukic

The Turkey international is not training, he could miss Cagliari

Transfer market: seeking an agreement with the Croatian

Torino stopped

Cairo: ‘I am very disappointed’

Reflection on Giampaolo

Torregrossa: Samp ok, Bologna pick themselves up

Pep the visionary and a story that is 50 years old

The night of the giants

Inter-Juve fires up the fight for the top of the table

Lukaku against Ronaldo in the play-off to find the anti-Milan

Conte: ‘Bianconeri get stronger every year, but we are edging closer’

Pirlo: ‘Antonio is a teacher, Nerazzurri built to win’

Gattuso, the future in four days

Fabian positive

Napoli face Fiorentina without the Spaniard, so Demme comes in and Mertens starts from the bench

On Wednesday in Reggio the Supercoppa: two decisive games for the coach

Mandzukic to Milan, Pioli has his Ibra understudy

Rossoneri hand the coach an important reinforcement

Agreement already reached, meeting to sign the contract between today and tomorrow for 18 months

And tomorrow the Swede will start with Cagliari

After the derby

Inzaghi-Lazio, another two years, agreement reached with Lotito

Roma in crisis

Fonseca immediately under fire for his errors

Toro disappoint, Giampaolo at risk

Tonight Inter-Juve

Whoever loses is in trouble!

San Siro showdown to choose the anti-Milan team

Conte: ‘They are stronger, as they keep buying’

Pirlo: ‘Pressure doesn’t frighten us’

Cairo and Giampaolo, Toro are a failure

With 11 against 10 for over 80 minutes, the Granata draw with Spezia, a game that could’ve been a turning point in the season

The coach is hanging by a thread, but the club must shoulder a lot of the blame, and not just because of the transfer market


Calha and Gigio, renewal is in the air

The midfielder and the goalkeeper close to an agreement, which could be over the next week

Mandzukic and Tomori: time to make decisions

Napoli: Ruiz positive for COVID, does the match with the Viola get postponed?