Tuesday 13 March 2012

SneijderMan, you take care of it!

Champions League tonight against Marseille. Inter start from 0-1

Agnelli’s pride: “My Juve will have to fight against everything and everyone”

Rivera-day: “Milan, you’ll go far in the Coppa too”

Here is the Euro Napoli, a trident of 43 goals to break the bank in London

Listen to Messi: “Guardiola at Barca is more important than me”

It’s a Verona show in Turin

Pescara alone at the top

“Juve against everyone”

Agnelli attacks after the chaos at Genoa

Inter night of truth: “We won’t betray”

Coaches, 70 have worked between A and B

Napoli fly to London: “History awaits us”

Ibra between goals and madness. Galliani: He’s like that

The ‘tessera del tifoso’ is pensioned off

“Against everyone and everything!”

Andrea Agnelli intervenes

A shameful Toro

Sweet Platini, he’s moved by the stadium

Inter, a season in one night

Thug Ibra? Galliani: OK. Rivera: No

Lavezzi charged up: “History awaits us”

Zamparini: “I’m eating my testicles for Pioli…”