Thursday 25 February 2021

Red with rage

Champions League: Real given a gift, Atalanta capitulate down to 10

The non-existent Freuler red card after 18 minutes and Mendy’s goal are decisive

Gasp furious: ‘Game ruined, but we can win in Madrid with 11 men’

Milan double up

San Siro, starting from the 2-2 result of the first leg

The goal relay run

Leao against Red Star, Ibra for Serie A

Napoli-Granada and Roma-Braga

Gattuso seeks a miracle

Fonseca launches the Pharaoh

Conte and Inter a perfect 10

They are top of the table and lead in another 10 categories

Points, goals, assists, kilometres traversed and much more: this is how a total leadership was born

The girls get to the Euros, Italy score 12 and keep growing

Adding insult to injury

Third Champions League defeat: Real win in the final minutes in Bergamo (1-0)

After penalties denied to Juve and Lazio, Atalanta KO down to 10 men for 80 minutes

German referee Stieler is a negative protagonist: unjust Freuler red card changed the whole game

Mendy with the late winner

Gasp irate: Some referees ought to do a different job

Dybala, it’s an ordeal

No peace for the Juve striker, who is still injured

Blitz in Barcelona for the Argentine: truth from Professor Cugat on his knee and return to the field

Fagioli social media gaffe

Europa League

Napoli assault, Gattuso acts as shield

Azzurri forced to overturn 0-2 from the first leg with Granada

Ringhio hits hard: ‘Just massacre me’

Politano centre-forward, Mertens reserve

There’s Red Star

Milan, Ibrahimovic rests in the Stankovic derby

At the Olimpico

Roma, it’s time for the Pharaoh

Starting from 2-0 against Braga

Italwomen go wild: European qualification ok

Bertolini’s Azzurre beat Israel 12-0 and book their spot in the final phase for 2022

Dea robbed!

Atalanta heroic, referee disastrous (0-1)

After just 18 minutes the scandalous Stieler sends off Freuler instead of booking him

Only at the end do Real break the Nerazzurri with Mendy, but it was an extraordinary performance

Gasp fury: That red card is madness

Dybala, when are you coming back?

Blitz in Barcelona to visit Professor Cugat doesn’t resolve the doubts on Paulo, who has been out since January 10 and disconcerted by a knee that won’t heal

Europa League

Pioli: Sanremo will be good for Ibra

Milan against Red Star to get back on track

Fonseca tells Roma: Don’t you dare think you are already qualified

Napoli, Gattuso for the comeback: We’re still alive

‘Toro, sacrosanct decision to stop’

Professor Di Perri: ‘With eight positives, it’s right to halt the Granata training sessions’

Decision on Monday for Lazio


Israel beaten 12-0! The Azzurre qualify for Euro 2022