Monday 1 March 2021

Nerazzurri put three past Genoa and remain at +4

Volare Oh Oh!

Diavolo conquers the Olimpico: 2-1

Inter, what music

Lukaku sets the tone after 32 seconds, no risks, many chances, even Darmian and Sanchez on target

An orchestra that drowns everyone else out

Milan, what a festival

Ibra leaves the stage with an injury: today he’s already at Sanremo, Udinese in doubt

It’s up to Rebic to make Roma sing the blues

Pioli resumes the chase

Show of strength from Atalanta

Napoli convincing

Goodbye Stroppa?

Pirlo, out in the cold at -10

Juve surrender and turning point

All the problems for the champions

Lazio-Toro, ASL: ‘Granata in isolation until tomorrow’

No to the trip to Rome, the Lega has to decide today

Saint Antonio of the Scudetto

Suning are done with football in China, but Conte can save their season

Inter beat Genoa (3-0), Lukaku super. Pioli won’t let go.

Romelu on target after 32 seconds, then prompts another two goals

‘This is our signal to the rivals’

Coach: ‘We have matured a great deal, but there are still 14 games to go’

Milan coup, Roma errors and rage

Napoli celebrate, Ciro is back

Benevento beaten 2-0

Mertens starts and breaks the derby deadlock, Politano for safety

Gattuso on track for Europe

Lazio-Toro hanging by a thread

COVID outbreak, ASL blocks the Granata until tomorrow

Lega remain in silence: postponement or 3-0 by default?

Orsato on TV: It was a mistake not to send Pjanic off

Inter getting away

Pirlo, now start running

Lukaku, Darmian and Sanchez take down Genoa

Conte at +10 over Juve, who ask their coach for a change of pace

Kessie and Rebic sing, Milan are not letting go

Rossoneri back to being beautiful and ferocious: Roma KO

Ibra off injured, Sanremo awaits him

Mertens gets Napoli back on track

Semplici puts Stroppa in trouble

Champions Atalanta: they are third!

Blitz in Genoa

Great reaction to the Real Madrid upset: Malinovskyi and Gosens break Samp, Juve caught

They’ll play, but Toro are in pieces

Tomorrow in Rome

Lega: Yes to the game with Lazio

Filadelfia reopened for individual training