Friday 16 March 2012

Record breaking Ibra

Never in the history of Serie A has a player won the Capocanniere crown with two different teams

Have courage Abidal!

The drama of the Barcelona defender moves the world

Juve, there is Bergonzi – polemics start again

Amauri promises goal and celebration

Inter’s bench? There are five

Udinese dream for 15 minutes: AZ go through

Manchester out

Padova-Torino transforms into 0-3 due to black-out

Sneijder-Milan, what intrigue!

He’ll leave Inter, but he doesn’t want to leave the city

Napoli re-launch already: “Third place and the Coppa”

Podolski to Lazio: “What a pair Klose and I”

Champions League draw today

Barca and Real risk for Milan

Abidal drama, new operation, he needs a transplant

Udinese out, City just miss out on historic comeback

Juve: Borriello to start, Conte wants to win

Let’s discover Borini, the new goal man

Sneijder flirts with Milan

Juve, what a slap!

Toro, and there was light

Montero: “Me, not like Vidal…”

Udinese throw themselves away

Napoli, three swoops ready