Sunday 11 April 2021

Milan, away you go!

Record: 13 victories outside their home stadium

Ibra sent off: it’s a mystery

Rebic-Kessie-Leao: 3-1 in Parma

Assist and irritation for the Swede: ‘I did not insult the referee’

Toro, what a coup

Belotti breaks his drought and conquers Udine

A key victory for the table

These are three golden points for the Grana

Spezia overturn Crotone 3-2

Juve look to Chiesa

Pirlo relies on the man of the future to keep up a Champions League tempo

Genoa arrive and Dybala is on the bench again

Conte’s countdown to the Scudetto

‘Inter, let’s win so the others give up’

Cagliari visit San Siro

Dea in Florence, Napoli against Samp

Another round for fourth place


The single room in Brianza

COVID, De Rossi the warrior on oxygen: ‘I was frightened’

Anxiety for Simone Inzaghi too, his wife is hospitalised

Magic back-heel from Benzema, the Clasico relaunches Real

Milan bite back

Conte, respond

Scudetto race, Rossoneri back to winning ways (3-1)

Pioli takes down Parma, but loses Ibra: sent off

Inter with Cagliari at lunch to go back to +11

Rebic and Kessie on target, then a red card to Zlatan for a phrase said to the referee

Amid a late siege from the Emilia club, Leao seals it

Dybala is not ready, but his left foot is

Juve host Genoa: La Joya stays on the bench

He decided the game with Napoli, but Pirlo announces he won’t start

Bad season with a surprise finish?

‘Players vaccinated at the Euros’

UEFA’s anti-COVID project

De Rossi in hospital, but feeling better: ‘I was frightened’

In the same clinic is Simone Inzaghi’s wife

Bielsa beats Pep when down to 10

Benzema back-heel, Clasico to Real and La Liga opens up again

Belotti! Toro shout

Three golden points in Udine

Important victory thanks to a penalty from Il Gallo, who is on target again after two months

Granata extend lead to +5 from the Serie B zone

Hunt for the 100


Ronaldo and Dybala both looking for their 100th goal in the Bianconeri jersey, but La Joya will again be on the bench

Morata alongside CR7

Milan, Champions League furore

‘Inter, everything to lose’

Rebic, Kessie and Leao: ciao Parma

That’s second place locked down, Ibra sent off amid controversy

Pioli: ‘He didn’t insult Maresca’

Conte, Cagliari booby trap: ‘Coming here was the most difficult choice. Watch out, the Scudetto isn’t won yet’

Gasp fired up: ‘What a sprint! We’re there’

La Dea in Florence

Atalanta defend fourth place: ‘It’s wide open, a wonderful rush’

Spezia, comeback in three minutes