Monday 19 April 2021

Superleague? Super NO

Everyone against the project of 12 European clubs, among them Juve, Inter and Milan. It’s a storm.

UEFA, Federations and FIFA: anyone who participates is out of everything

Lawsuit worth €60 billion

Even Macron and Johnson are against the plan

Agnelli’s twists and turns

Inter, ErikYes

Another step towards the Scudetto in Naples: Handanovic error and gem from the Dane (1-1)

Conte: ‘My hammering has worked…’

The run of victories ends at 11 and they are +9


San Siro taboo broken with Rebic and… Scamacca

It’s a Champions League tempo

They beat Genoa and reinforce second place


Atalanta overtake

Pirlo and fourth place at risk

Allegri’s shadow looms

Malinovskyi decides late on in Bergamo

Toro take off with Sanabria

Roma overturned, continual climb back up

With Nicola 17 points in 12 games

Superleague, UEFA wage war

Legal battle ready against the clubs who want to break away

Strong repercussions planned

DAZN irritated: ‘We’ve got nothing to do with it’

Only Juve fall

The ‘little Scudetto’ race fired up: Milan, Atalanta and Lazio full house

Conte stops in Naples (1-1): he is 9 points clear of Pioli (2-1 Genoa)

A late goal condemns Pirlo without CR7: Gasp is now third

Safety, Toro coup, Roma ko

Spezia flattened by Bologna

Stop for Serie B, it resumes on May 1

Priority given to the games that weren’t played due to COVID

All the teams will have the same number of fixtures going into the final four

Are you crazy?

The Super League will kill football

Inter stall at Napoli, Conte is now nine points clear

Milan won’t give up

Lazio show

Dea Paradise, Juve inferno

Here is the Toro we want!