Monday 26 March 2012

A Juve good enough to kiss

A good Inter in the first half, but Buffon is a wall. Conte shuffles his pack and the Bianconeri score with Caceres. Del Piero seals it

No Barca for Thiago Silva. Nesta warms up

Napoli sprint, then Catania catch up with them

Atalanta rise again

Inter-baby show: Europe is theirs

Wizard Alonso

What a Juve! What an Alex!

Inter beaten with Caceres and a great Del Piero (2-0). Milan stay at +4

Allegri problems: A month without Thiago Silva

Chase for third – it’s a sprint finish

Lazio run then Lotito announces swoops

Napoli stop and Mazzarri attacks his own

Alonso, you are a wizard


The most beautiful win: Inter (-18) beaten with Caceres and Del Piero

“Toro, you have two more aces”

Atalanta masterpiece, now they celebrate Gabbiadini

Montella doesn’t even forgive Napoli

Genoa crisis, Preziosi asks the fans for help

It’s a science fiction Alonso