Thursday 12 April 2012

This Juventus is really out of this world

Del Piero scores from a free-kick which crushes Lazio. Bianconeri again +1 over Milan

Milito hits 20! Inter dream

Totti-goal! Roma smile

Atalanta treble, Napoli beaten at San Paolo

Incredible Lecce, now Fiorentina and Genoa at risk

Super Ronaldo trio, Real defeat Simeone

Lippi, hands off Allegri

Alex’s Scudetto!

Del Piero folds Lazio with a late free-kick to take Juve back to the top. Milan again at -1

Roma and Inter worthy of Champions League

Milan thank Inter

Muntari decisive at Verona. He’s the latest player gifted to them by Moratti

Carrizo sent-off, Lecce comeback at Catania: They now ‘see’ Genoa and Fiorentina

United beaten and Tevez’s City reopen the Premier League

Abidal, nine hours under the knife: We support him

Del Pierooo!

Lazio beaten, Juve respond to Milan to stay top

Magic Alex: 700 games in Bianconero and he scores the winner

Totti enjoys, Udinese KO, Roma see the Champions League again

New Inter Stramaccioni, Milito reborn

Fiorentina halt

Dream comeback for Lecce at Catania: 1-2

Genoa storm

Benussi believes “May 4 in A”

More confirmation for Alessandrini

Tevez is back, what a City

United, flop and fear

Robben, ahi Bayern