Sunday 15 April 2012

Death on the pitch, football stops

Piermario Morosini 1986-2012

Livorno player collapses on the pitch at Pescara

Attempts to revive him prove futile, but there’s controversy on the ambulance

First theories are heart attack or aneurysm, as he hit his head during the game

Serie A moves to next weekend, will also play April 25

Conte: ‘Muntari? Allegri is boring me now’

Liga: Ronaldo scores, Messi brace and Real stay +4 over Barcelona

Man City score six and Mancini rediscovers Tevez

Football stops as Morosini dies on the pitch

Tragedy in Pescara, struck down at only 25

Morosini collapsed 30 minutes into the first half and his heart stopped beating

Teammates and opponents in tears, all games immediately suspended

Play resumes Saturday 27 and April 25

Milan’s match stopped half an hour from kick-off

Abete’s order: Football cannot go on

Football in shock over the death of Morosini

We have lost a son

A brief life affected by tragedy

Controversy as ambulance was blocked

Football stops, midweek round planned for April 25

Del Piero, internet sneak peek at his book: ‘Yes, I’m leaving Italy!’

Conte: ‘Allegri, you bore me’

Toro, what chaos in the sprint for Serie A