Sunday 22 April 2012

Juve, the last hill to climb

Tonight Bianconeri welcome Roma, then it’s an easier calendar

Space for Vucinic, Luis Enrique looks to Totti and Osvaldo

Conte: ‘Betting scandal? I am relaxed and will answer any questions’

Ronaldo gets 42, Real Madrid delirious as Barça and Messi surrender

Milan at San Siro with Bologna, Allegri says ‘we’ve got to win them all’

Strama chases Ranieri’s run of six consecutive wins

Cavani picks Napoli up again, Novara sink

Giovinco has Parma heart, Cagliari are scared again

Conte is furious!

It’s Juve-Roma and he rebels against the betting scandal

‘It just gives us strength. If someone thinks they’re destabilising us, they’re dead wrong’

Luis Enrique: ‘I will win’

Napoli are back

Novara beaten 2-0 and Champions League chase is on again

Udinese draw, Catania win and climb

Cagliari KO at Parma, now they are at risk

Lazio tremble with Lecce

Inter face Fiorentina test

Allegri believes: ‘Milan, now let’s win them all’

Mou triumph: a great Real Madrid win in Barcelona and go +7

Germany, Borussia champions again

More fear as Pomante collapses, but he recovers

‘They are trebling Juve’s strength’

Conte slams betting scandal suspicions and fires up Bianconeri against Roma

‘We will be even stronger to continue this dream’

Allegri calls Berlusconi: ‘He is with me’

Barça are Real flops, Mou and Ronaldo kings of Spain

Napoli can see the Champions League again

Toro, Bianchi anger: ‘We could’ve locked down a Serie A spot’