Monday 7 May 2012

Juve, it’s yours!

Triumph – Bianconeri beat Cagliari and the party starts

Inter roll over Milan to hand over the Scudetto

Vucinic scores and a Canini own goal

Marotta: “We’ll add a third star”

Milito trio at San Siro, then Maicon, Allegri’s side have to give up

Udinese jump, Napoli slip

Lazio in the race too after a 2-0 win at Bergamo

Champions of Italy

Yes Juve, yes!

Victory over Cagliari, Milan KO in the derby

Bianconero triumph, party in all of Italy

Conte’s enthusiasm: “An extraordinary group”

Directors and players united: “It’s title number 30”

Champions League strikes for Lazio and Udinese

Napoli beaten at Bologna. Inter also in sprint finish

Juve 30

Bianconeri beat Cagliari, Milan KO in the derby: It’s the Scudetto

Toro, double game against Padova

Udinese paradise, Napoli anger

Lazio joy, they still hope