Friday 11 May 2012

Pirlo – Thanks Allegri…

“I was dumped by the Coach. He wanted to use other players in my role. I chose Juventus because they gave me great motivation. I already knew in June that we would win”

Milan chase money

Arab partners or Hong Kong stock market

Nesta: “I’m leaving a disappointed squad.” Gattuso also on his way out

Roma change, Luis Enrique goes and Montella arrives

Lucio: PSG or Brazil in his future

Miccoli, the Lecce saviour

“Genoa? I’ll beat them”

Bari threats, three Ultras in handcuffs

Roma to Montella

Luis Enrique says bye to the players, a great ex-Giallorosso returns

Pulvirenti is furious: “They have to speak with Catania first”

Charged up Vidal: “This Juve will make history”

Alvarez is sure: “Inter, Lavezzi is your man”

Hamsik: Napoli, I’ll get rid of my haircut if we win the Coppa

Nesta, goodbye to Italy: “I can’t do it anymore”

Sannino and Palermo: “It’s my destiny…”

Krasic-Lazio, we are there. The Serb says yes this time

Bari, three Ultras arrested for threats to players

Buffon: “Better than the Triad”

Petrucci gives the OK for the third star

Luis Enrique: Goodbye Roma, there is Montella

“Torino, nine points for Serie A”

Nesta, ciao Italy: “Milan need to change if they want to win”

This is how Lavezzi would change Stramaccioni’s Inter

Betting, three Bari Ultras arrested