Saturday 12 May 2012

Thanks guys

On Sunday nine world class players, including five Rossoneri, play their final games for their clubs

It is a page of our football history that comes to a close

Blatter tells Agnelli: ‘Compliments on your 28th Scudetto’

Warrior Guarin: ‘I want to stay and prove who I am’

Maradona offers €3.5m in taxes, will he be in Naples on Tuesday?

Dinner in Arcore, the new Milan is born

Berlusconi chews over Thiago Silva and Balotelli with Galliani and Allegri

Roma to Montella

Luis Enrique says goodbye to his team, a great ex-Giallorossi star returns

Pulvirenti is furious: ‘They’d have to talk to Catania first’

Hamsik: Napoli, I’ll win the Coppa and cut off my hair

Vidal: ‘This Juve will make history’

Alvarez: ‘Inter, Lavezzi is the right man’

Nesta, goodbye to Italy: ‘I can’t manage it anymore’

Sannino and Palermo: ‘It’s in my destiny’

Krasic-Lazio, this time the Serb says yes

Bari, three ultras arrested for threatening players

‘My dream? To renew the contract’

What Conte asks of Juve

He demands two strikers, a midfielder, a winger and a defender to face the Champions League

More than champions, he wants players who will suit his project

Barzagli extends until 2015

Toro, Pasquato anti-Pescara

Lavezzi freezes Inter and agrees €25m deal with PSG

Allegri’s team getting younger, after Nesta now Gattuso and Inzaghi out too

Baldini rebels against the Roma disaster, and Montella is silent...

Genoa can breathe, there’s no Miccoli for Palermo