Monday 14 May 2012

The Invincibles

Juve celebrate the Scudetto by beating Atalanta as well

Delirium in Turin with open top bus tour

Udinese in the Champions League

Lazio, Napoli and Inter in Europa

Goal and tears, but Inzaghi may not leave

What palpitations in City fightback

Mancini title arrives in the 94th minute

Genoa are safe, Lecce in Serie B

Champion of Italy

Alex Del Piero says farewell as a man loved by everyone at the Juventus party

Guidolin says goodbye to Udinese

Lazio beat Inter, Napoli OK

The Friulani go into the Champions League, but the Coach leaves

Reja fightback against Stramaccioni, from 0-1 to 3-1

Mazzarri folds Siena

Genoa safe, Lecce in B

Mancini palpitations, he triumphs in added time

Juve champions

Thank you Alex

400,000 party in Turin

Fans, take Toro into Serie A

Udinese shout, it’s the Champions League

Genoa safe, Lecce in Serie B

Mancini buzz, City champions