Sunday 20 May 2012

European Drogba

Di Matteo’s Chelsea win their first Champions League on penalties

Bayern went 1-0 up, then missed a Robben spot-kick and ended up in tears

Ale goodbye

Juve for the Double, Napoli to prove they are ready

Del Piero: ‘More than my future I’m thinking about the game. I want to win’

Coppa Italia Final in Rome

Juve-Napoli show

Conte: ‘I dream of seeing Del Piero lifting the cup to the sky’

Mazzarri: ‘We are ready for another achievement and the fans deserve it’

It’s Chelsea!

Incredible Champions League Final decided by Drogba on penalties

Bayern beaten at home in Di Matteo’s triumph

Toro and Pescara in Serie A if they win today

Milan, meeting for Ganso

Lazio look at Gattuso

Juve: For Conte and for Alex

Coach: ‘I want to become legend’

Del Piero: ‘My future? It’s the Coppa Italia Final’

Toro: Get the party started

First match-ball for Serie A against Modena

Chelsea-Di Matteo uber alles!

Champions League triumph, Drogba punishes Bayern on penalties

Genoa, Del Neri pops up

Inter: Destro + Palacio

Roma’s Montella problem

Floccari for Bologna

Cassano and Garrone make up