Friday 15 June 2012

Draw and trouble

Italy can’t do better than a 1-1 with Croatia

Now qualification complicated by the nightmare of a ‘biscotto’

A 2-2 in the final game between Spain and Croatia will send us home even if we beat Trap

Spain show, Ireland eliminated

Berlusconi: “Thiago Silva will stay at Milan”

Juve, Verratti close

And Gattuso goes to Sion

Don’t defraud us again!

Swindle on the way: Italy will be eliminated on Monday if Spain-Croatia ends 2-2 like Sweden-Denmark in 2004

The credibility of the European Championship at risk

Prandelli makes mistakes and we waste Pirlo’s goal: 1-1

Torres flattens Trap: 4-0

Berlusconi orders: “Thiago will stay at Milan”

Juve, Verratti signed: He’ll arrive in a year

Pescara season ticket shock – they cost more than at Milan!

Inter, Julio Cesar: “I’m not leaving”

Napoli lunge for Benatia and Balzaretti

Castan stops Neymar: Roma applaud him

Blaszczykowski: Lazio need to make another sprint

‘Biscotto’ risk? We’re chickens

Italy waste another chance against Croatia

Pirlo magic not enough

Our 1-1 forces us to beat Ireland (KO against Spain) and hope that the group leaders don’t settle for a 2-2

Verratti, it will be Juve

Spolli as well as Domizzi for the Toro defence

Thiago Silva to stay at Milan, Gattuso to Sion

Meeting between Inter and Catania for Gomez

Maxi Lopez becomes a dream for Parma

Spezia: Paulinho ever closer

Pochettino says no to Sampdoria

Now Roma try for Ogbonna