Monday 18 June 2012

Don’t say Trap if you don’t have it in the bag

Prandelli goes for Cassano and Di Natale to beat the Irish

Let’s take the three points and then think about Croatia-Spain

Ronaldo double, Holland go home

Pepito Rossi: “Spain only play to win”

Co-ownership, Borini and Giovinco issues

Ibra, what grit: “I’ll stay at Milan for revenge”

200 million eyes on Croatia-Spain

Italy take on Trap with the nightmare of the ‘biscotto’

With 2-2, Croatia and Spain in the quarters, but it would be a worldwide embarrassment

Ronaldo eliminates Van Persie (who is now ready for Juve)

Silvestre for Inter, but he’s tempted by Zenit

Milan have a plan for Nesta and Kaka

Beat Ireland before shouting ‘biscotto’

Think about winning

And Prandelli has faith in Spain

“Inter, forget about Giovinco”

Watch out Milan, Real will take away Boateng

What a battle between Toro and Samp for Rigoni

Spezia show, Bovo and Gemiti luxury signings

Cicinho shock: “I smoked and drank at Roma”

Napoli talk to Fiorentina for Gamberini