Thursday 21 June 2012

Mancini: “Balotelli must always play”

Interview with City boss

“He’s a lot stronger with the national team”

“But the English are organised, Capello’s work has left its mark”

Milan: Acerbi + Constant

Inter, Roma, Juve: Three for Destro

The quarters start: Ronaldo against the Czech Republic

Mourinho attacks Zeman: “Who is he, a player?”

They are scared of Balotelli

Italy, it’s fever pitch for the tie against the English

Mancini reveals: “Super Mario is the most feared”

The Azzurri will give their fees to the earthquake victims

Milan, two swoops with Acerbi and Constant

Maxi Lopez is the objective for the Napoli attack

New Juve, how Conte will insert Giovinco

Silvestre to Inter, but it gets complicated for Destro

Roma in Brazil for Dodo and Castan

France: Almost clashes after the KO to Ibra

Merkel arrives to support Germany

Let’s enjoy the first quarter as Ronaldo takes on the Czech Rep

To follow…