Tuesday 3 July 2012

Italy get angry

Abete attacks: “The national team benefits everyone, Lega absent”

Berreta responds: “That’s ungenerous, the clubs drive football”

Destro, Verratti, Silvestre and Co – let’s see the Azzurri of the future

Balo without peace

Fico: “I’m pregnant”

Rumours of an argument with Buffon

Thiago Silva until 2017 for €6m

Ferrara to Sampdoria, Peruzzi his assistant

Morosini died of a genetic illness

It starts again – Zeman against everyone

Roma meet up today, they are the first club to start work

He leads a squad that needs completing. First test on Sunday

Milan block Thiago Silva

Inter-Silvestre is almost done

Lucio will sign for two years with Juventus today

Napoli target Skrtel, Hamsik’s friend

Lazio look for full-backs, Santon springs up

What emotions with Napolitano

Fico: “I’m having Balo’s baby”

Balzaretti chooses: “PSG or Palermo”

Juve, listen to Cavani

“If somebody wants me, Napoli will discuss it…”

Shock declaration from the Uruguayan and Suarez leaves Liverpool

Toro and Maxi move closer

Thiago Silva signs with Milan for another five years

Inter-Silvestre yes

Julio Cesar case

Maicon to Chelsea

Samp, Ferrara era starts

Napoli insist for Meireles

Genoa-Vargas, here is the offer

Pozzo: “Zola to Watford”

Prandelli sincere: “Thank you Conte…”