Friday 6 July 2012

It’s about time!

Phantom goal, green light for technology

We won’t see these three errors again

Inter-Lucas, blitz in Brazil

PSG assault, they want to sign Verratti too

Milan-Juventus alliance for the talent of El Kaddouri

Ferrara warns Samp: “I need Pazzini”

Paulinho, blitz Inter

Ausilio in South America for the Corinthians fantasista and Lucas

Julio Cesar not called up – his move to Milan is a rebus

Phantom goals – Never again

De Laurentiis: I want Armero and Cuadrado

Verratti, goodbye Juve – he runs to Ancelotti

Phantom goal – Never again

Historic decision: FIFA authorise use of technology

Van Persie-Juve yes, but there is Milan

Roma push Brighi to Torino

Italy have lost Verratti – he goes to PSG

Paulinho: “I only want Inter”

How the new Serie A is born