Friday 13 July 2012

Sold and now…

Ibra says yes – he’ll go to PSG with Thiago Silva

Milan push for Tevez and Rolando

Berlusconi admits: “I’ll save €150m in two years”

Galliani opens talks with City for Carlitos, Dzeko the alternative

Inter, Milito hat-trick in red

Moratti: “Lucas, it’s time to close the deal”

Sold out for Juve, assault for Ramirez

Capello blitz to Moscow, he is the favourite for the Russia job

Ibra wants €50m!

Berlusconi announces that he and Thiago Silva will leave Milan for PSG

But the Swede has to find an agreement – he wants a four-year contract

Moratti launches for Lucas at Inter

Interrogated Conte brings 15 witnesses

Napoli insist for Behrami

Roma-Destro, there is an agreement with Genoa

Lazio, Lotito presses for Balzaretti

Pescara, there is Munoz

Three Toro swoops

Conte’s truth

He’ll see Palazzi today about Scommessopoli

It’s the longest day for Juve too

Toro: Santana + Sansone

Berlusconi: “Ibra-Thiago? I’ll save €150m”

Moratti orders: “Come forward Lucas”

Cassano-Samp, Garrone re-opens

Genoa: Canini plus Velazquez

It’s even more Liverpool for Borini