Thursday 19 July 2012

Ibra’s slap

He arrives in Paris and attacks: “Goodbye Italy, there is no future with you. Serie A poorer without Thiago Silva and myself”

Destro-Roma, final straight

Jovetic-Juve: There is a price

Mudingayi: “I’ll give blood for Inter”

Accounts in red, ballast for Serie A

Damiao, agent talks with Milan – Matri the alternative

Van Persie, there is Milan!

Hunt for the attacker: Galliani takes on Juve for Arsenal’s Dutchman

Tevez and Dzeko on standby, meeting with Damiao’s agent yesterday

Here is Ibra to PSG: “Serie A poorer without Thiago and I”

De Laurentiis flies high: “Napoli in Champions League”

“Jovetic has a price – €30m”

Destro to Roma sprint

Afellay to Inter, now it can happen

Xandao: Lazio close to yes

Palermo on the fiend, Sannino believes

Jovetic: Negotiations

Meeting between Marotta and Prade – the ace costs €30m

Montella: “Now he has to choose”

Wenger ultimatum to Van Persie

Mudingayi talks: “Inter, I’ll give blood for you”

Ventura: “Great Toro if…”

Ibra: €55m a year! “Italy, you have no future”

Garrone on Cassano: “Samp, not now, but…”

Police blitz at Genoa training camp