Thursday 2 August 2012

Everyone’s unhappy

Disciplinary Commission rejected Conte’s plea bargain, Juve are furious

Today we’ll learn if he’ll take another plea or go to trial

Siena accept -6 and Torino -1

Nerazzurro Ranocchia investigated for sporting fraud

Inter breakthrough with Chinese investment and a new stadium

China Railway become the second biggest shareholders with 15 per cent

Pandev-Maggio, Napoli have fun

Juve 1-1 with Benfica

Goodbye Maldera, goal-scoring full-back of Milan’s Scudetto

Fiorentina have Borja Valero

Destro: ‘Roma, let’s give it a go!’

Juve-Federation war over Conte

Betting, the plea bargain is rejected. ‘A grave act’

Disciplinary Commission scraps Palazzi’s request of three months and €200,000

Tension is sky high, decision due today

Siena start from -6, while it’s -1 for Torino and Albinoleffe

Bianconeri draw 1-1 with Benfica, Bonucci wearing the captain’s armband

Ranocchia is also in trouble and has to be interrogated

Inter in Split and Moratti finds a Chinese investor

Pandev and Maggio, Napoli fly high

Destro embraces Roma

Rever, but Stendardo’s goodbye to Lazio

Fiorentina, what a buy: Borja Valero

Conte betrayed

Incredible shock at the betting trial, as judges say no to plea bargain agreed with prosecutor

Juve furious: ‘It’s a grave act’

Today decision on whether to offer a new plea bargain

Torino offer accepted, so start the season from -1

Siena penalised by six points

Bonucci captain, Krasic goal in 1-1 with Benfica

Cairo: ‘Another four signings, two straight away’

Inter sell 15 per cent of their shares to China

Palermo look left with Del Grosso or Peluso

Fiorentina on a roll, Borja Valero and Rodriguez