Sunday 26 August 2012

Juve are here, who will reply?

Champions of Italy beat Parma 2-0 in Serie A opener

Conte views the game behind tinted glass

Goal line referees immediately decisive

Cassano fury on Milan: ‘All mouth and no trousers’

Allegri: ‘Lack of respect’

Blitz for Kaka

Magic Jo-Jo makes Montella’s Fiorentina soar

Mazzarri chooses Cavani-Insigne

It’s always a great Juve

Champions of Italy dominate Parma

Pirlo’s goal awarded by line referee

Jovetic show in Florence

Cassano-Milan, what a row!

‘I was taken for a ride by Galliani’

Allegri: ‘Pointless words’

Napoli launch Insigne with Cavani

Roma goalkeeping chaos

Lazio pick up Ciani

Juve, there you go!

Vidal misses penalty, but they dominate Parma 2-0

Pirlo’s safety goal awarded by line referee

Cassano, what a row with Galliani

Jovetic, two goals to sink Udinese

Zeman: ‘Roma can win the Scudetto’

Ventura: ‘Toro, run and believe’